The Chandeleurs

Jay Dufour from Uptown and Toomas Soosaar from the Ninth Ward have been picking and singing since they both moved to New Orleans in the 90’s. Many years of playing parties, the Neutral Ground Coffee House and bars led to the creation of Shotgun Double and later on this eclectic roots based rock band called the Chandeleurs, named after the barrier islands South of us in the Gulf of Mexico. The album “Inshore” is available online and contains a selection of the original music Jay has written and arranged with the help of his friends in the band and Crete Corner Studio. Now with Gary Ptak on bass and Andreas Argenti on drums/ percussion.

“The Chandeleurs are like a blend of Little Feat meets the Mississippi Delta and what oozes out is the thick rich soil that the Delta is built of. The music is thick and heavy like a perfect dark roux and would be the base of a good night of music anywhere. You need some Chandeleurs in your bowl now!”- Bob “Old Man River” Rodrigue, DJ for WWOZ.